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Osaki LK219 Spa Capsule


  • Interior Showerhead
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Spacious Design
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Steam Suana
  • Dual Speakers
  • Removable Steam Generator


Osaki LK-219 Spa Capsule Manual View PDF


LK-219 Spa Capsule - Main Banner

Osaki is breaking new ground with its innovative introduction to the at-home sauna market. The LK-219 Spa Capsule was designed to provide all of the benefits of traditional saunas with modern luxuries in mind. Listen to your favorite music, use your mobile device, and stretch your legs all while rejuvenating your skin and remaining health-conscious.

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Sauna

Luxury Sauna

The Osaki Spa Capsule provides all of the major benefits of its competitors: such as treating acne, hydrating skin, removing toxins, and providing relaxing chromotherapy. Its sleek design and hydraulic lid allow the capsule to fit in anywhere without taking up a cumbersome amount of space.

Intuitive Controls

The Spa Capsule’s intuitive control panel allows you to easily and effectively individualize your experience. Control the temperature, timer, music, and volume by cycling through the available options. Additionally, you can choose to toggle various treatments, like the steam, chromotherapy, and ozone modes on or off with a single click.

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Intuitive Control

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Easy Access Controls

Convenient Access

Most other at-home saunas lock you into place, restricting the use of your hands; but not the Osaki Spa Capsule! The top of the capsule includes two hand hole covers, which can easily be removed by applying slight pressure from the inside of the capsule. This innovative change allows for the user to customize their experience mid-treatment, use their phone, or even release a small amount of excess steam.

Adjustable Seat

Everybody is different, and every body is different too! With this in mind, Osaki has designed an adjustable seat to fit all body types. The seat can be raised and lowered nine inches to ensure anyone can sit comfortably.

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Adjustable Seat

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Extendable Showerhead

Extendable Showerhead

Cleaning up should never be a hassle; therefore, Osaki has designed an extendable showerhead for easy and convenient maintenance of the device.

Surround Sound Audio

The Capsule includes two high-fidelity speakers on either side of the user for a true surround sound experience. Connect your device via USB to listen to your own music or relaxing sounds while indulging in a genuine spa experience.

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Speaker Audio

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Spacious Design

Spacious Design

You’ll never feel cramped within the Osaki Spa Capsule. Designed to provide the maximum space for all users, the capsule allows for a staggering thirty inches of legroom inside. Even individuals up to 6’6” can comfortably relax inside the Spa Capsule without issue.

Steam Machine

To improve the steam output, Osaki has developed one of the most efficient steam generators on the market. This 1.05 gallon / 4 liter removable tank can provide an effective steam bath for up to 90 minutes. The benefit of using an external steam generator, means that your Spa Capsule doesn’t need to be hard wired into a water line to operate- you can place and use your spa capsule wherever you’d like!

Osaki LK-219 Spa Capsule - Steam Generator

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Health Benefits

Health Benefits

At home saunas have a variety of incredible benefits such as: aiding with anti-aging techniques; removing harmful toxins from the skin; rejuvenating the skin and muscles after strenuous workouts; and even hydrating dry skin.

LK-219 Spa Capsule - Included in the box

What's Included

When you buy your Osaki Spa Capsule, you’ll receive the capsule itself, a one gallon steam generator, one removable foot massager, and two water basins!


Product Name Osaki LK-219 Spa Capsule
Power Supply 120V~
Steam Gen. Volume 4L
Dimensions Open: 29"(W) x 59"(L) x 67"(H)
Closed: 29"(W) x 50"(L) x 51"(H)

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