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  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Shortcut Panel
  • Auto Extendable Footrest
  • Computerized Body Scanning
  • L-Track
  • Full Body Compression Massage
  • 2 Stages Zero Gravity
  • Foot Roller & Calf Massage
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

Osaki OS-Pro Synergy

Intensity Level

Osaki Pro Synergy - Main Banner

The Osaki OS-Pro Synergy harmonizes the dichotomy of style and relaxation in one perfect package. By incorporating all of the modern advancements in massage technology, like lumbar heating, an automatic extending footrest, Bluetooth audio, and intelligent body scanning; then wrapping it together with a classy leather interior and golden finishings, the Synergy has become the epitome of the massage experience.

Smart Technology

The all new Synergy utilizes a number of redesigned features for maximum control and comfort. The removable remote control allows for flexible control, the shortcut multi-controller provides fast and convenient alterations, and the dual surround sound speakers provide a truly dynamic audio experience.

3D Massage Mechanism

In order to provide the most comprehensive massage experience, the Synergy comes equipped with an innovative 3D roller set. This three-dimensional massage allows you to depth, width and intensity of your massage at any time.

Ergonomic L Track Massage

L-Track massages follow a thorough path: starting at the neck, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and upper hamstrings. The movement of the Synergy's L-Track massage technique provides a truly refreshing experience to all users.

Computer Body Scan System

The Synergy’s intelligent body scan technology uses a computerized scan to customize each massage to the individual’s body shape and size. Additionally, it is scientifically designed for the rollers to map the curvature of the back with more accuracy than ever before.

Armrest Shortcut Button

The shortcut panel was designed so that the user can easily control the chair without dealing with annoying wires and loose remotes. Quickly adjust intensity levels, reclining positions, zero gravity, auto massage programs, and activate lumbar heating all through a few simple clicks.

2 Stage Zero Gravity

Zero-Gravity modes were originally inspired by NASA technology; this two stage zero-gravity approach means that you may choose the most optimal position for your massage, while feeling virtually weightless the entire time.

Back Heat Therapy

The Synergy contains 2 heating pads located on the back area, which enhances the effects of massage. The heating pads increase the blood flow, decrease joint pains, and relieve tension in the back.

8 Auto & 6 Manual Massage Styles

The Osaki OS-Pro Synergy provides eight specially designed massages to suit any needs, whether you like deep tissue, gentle compression, or general stress relieving massages, the Synergy has something for you! Additionally, you may choose from 6 manual massage styles like kneading, tapping, swedish, clapping, rolling, and shiatsu.

Automatic Leg Extension

As a chair truly made for everyone, the Synergy’s footrest can extend by 6.5" automatically accommodating users of different statures. Simply activate the switch on the shortcut panel to perfectly position your footrest.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Synergy is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to music, podcasts, white noise, or even audiobooks in true high fidelity surround sound quality.Simply pair your mobile device via bluetooth to enter a whole new dimension of relaxation.

LED Remote and Pocket

To provide the most in-depth control of your Synergy, the chair includes a detailed remote with total customizability. Additionally, you may find a sleek leather pocket to holster the remote when not in use.


Osaki Pro Synergy Dimension Upright
Osaki Pro Synergy Dimension Reclined
Product Name
Osaki OS-Pro Synergy
User Manual
Power Supply
Rate Frequency
60 Hz
Rate Power Consumption
Rate Timer
15 minutes
(W x L x H)
30” x 62“ x 45.8”
30” x 73.5” x 46”
Minimum Doorway Size
Maximum User Weight
260 lbs
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