New: Osaki OS- 4000XT

The 2D massage function was the basic function that massage chairs used to include in the past until 3D and 4D functions were invented in the massage chair industry. After 3D and 4D massage chairs were invented and released in the industry, people are more interested in more developed and technological products rather than the original 2D function, but the massage chair which consists high-technological functions, costs much more than budgets that we settle. Here is a recommended 2D massage Chair which contains outstanding features at a reasonable price which you don’t need to concern about your budget.

Osaki OS-4000XT became popularity with its sophisticated design and 2D massage function with L-Track rolling system and unique LED light design on both side panels. OS-4000XT covers your back with L-Track rolling which offers you more refreshing massage. Basically, Osaki OS-4000XT contains an L-Track system, 2 step zero gravity, 24 airbags, 6 auto programs, up to 6.6 inches extendable footrest, 2 inches of space saving, 2 Bluetooth speakers and LCD remote controller.



L-Track Massage
OS-4000XT contains L-Track massage function which starts from the neck and it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and upper hamstrings. 2D rollers constantly move with same technique at the same speed from the top of the body to the lower back of your thigh, which helps to reduce muscular pains refreshingly.




Full Body Airbag Massage
OS-4000XT consists 24 airbags located throughout the massage chair which offers a full body massage experience. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms, lower backs, hip area, feet and the calf areas which helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension. You can control the compression levels of airbag massage and the areas where you want to receive airbag massage. Full body air massage system is easily to access on the remote control by the user.






Heat on Lumber
OS-4000XT has two heating pad at the back area of the massage chair . It gives the user warm temperature that makes the user feel comfortable and relaxed during the massage programs. The heating pads increases the blood flow during the massage and it also helps to decrease joint pains and relieve muscles of the back. Heating function is manually controlled by the user.






Two Levels of Zero Gravity
Zero-Gravity function is inspired by NASA technology, and the zero-gravity is the most comfortable and perfect position for the massage. OS-4000XT offers two levels of zero-gravity that the user can manually choose preferred and comfortable angle of the massage chair. OS-4000XT offers two different angles of the position that makes the user feel more relaxed and luxurious.





Extendable Footrest
The footrest extends up to 6.5″ to fit a user’s various height. The user manually customize the footrest position to sit in a comfortable position during the massage. OS-4000XT offers choices of footrest area that everyone can enjoy on the OS-4000XT at the most comfortable sitting positions. This function is suitable for any users who are tall or have longer legs, which looks a simple feature, but this simple feature offers people to customize their own sitting positions.




Space Saving
Space saving feature is one of the crucial functions for massage chair user whom wants to maximize the space area in the home. The massage chair extends space area during the zero-gravity, however OS-4000XT saves up to 2 inches of the space from the wall. You don’t have to worry about the size of area that the massage chair enlarges the space of your place.





6 Auto Massage Program
OS-4000XT has 6 auto massage programs that offers diverse automatically settle programs that the user easily access on the remote controller. The 6 auto programs include neck/shoulder, strengthen, relax, Thai, recover and sleeping modes.
Neck/Shoulder – Focuses massage on neck and shoulders
Strengthen (Strong) – Increases the blood flow and relaxation of the user
Relax – Slow kneading and heavy tapping massage
Thai – Thai massage with rhythmical movement
Recover – Focuses on the waist and hip area applying
Sleeping- For a person who had a hard and long day, relax and warming up massage before taking a good sleep.




Bluetooth Speakers
The Osaki OS-4000XT is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to music on high quality sound that located at headrest and side panel areas. 4000XT is 4D surround sound system with four speakers which the user can experience real sound of musics and feel more relaxed on the massage chair. Music helps the user to calm the body and mind which connects to a relaxing effects on the mind.




LCD Remote Control
The Osaki OS-4000XT consists an ease LCD remote controller with various buttons to use during the massage programs. It has easy view screen displaing and it allows the user to choose the massage type, intensity, areas of the body, automatic programs and zero-gravity etc. Every user can easily access to the massage chair functions by using OS-4000XT controller. Also, there are five functions: ON/OFF, Incline, Recline, Incline Leg, Recline Leg, and different levels of intensity, compression, angles, speed and strengthen can be manged by the user.



Osaki OS-4000XT Massage Chair Feature Video on Titan & Osaki Chair YouTube Channel