Take a minute and evaluate how you feel at this very moment

Take a minute and evaluate how you feel at this very moment.

Is your body tense from head to toe, with intrusive thoughts repeating on an endless cycle?

You may want to say THANKS to your busy lifestyle. In this case, you’ll benefit from any of the
following health products.

Massage Chairs

You might fall back into a chair to unwind after a long day, but massage chairs deliver next level of relaxation

While there’s more than one kind of massage, they all involve active stimulation of one’s skin and
muscles. This helps you relax, reduce stress and anxiety and help relieve pains from injuries.

You might not be able to make it a to a spa or health center on a regular basis. However, you can use
massage chairs to help yourself relax on a daily basis (if you wish to do so).

Two massage chairs you might want to look at: the Osaki
and the Osaki Pro-Ekon.

Both would look great in your home or office. The Pro-Maxim offers a revolutionary massage
experience with its airbag shoulder massage, arm massage as well as and your feet.

There are dual foot roller system for soothing relaxing experience and further de-

Next Generation Air Massage Technology involves having less airbags but at the same time
increasing the coverage area. LED blue light will help you to relax and enhance your massaging

12 massage programs in addition to 5 massage styles (Swedish, Shiatsu, Tapping, Clapping and
Rolling) will deliver superior experience unlike any other. Insipred by NASA, zero-gravity positioning will
remove any weight from your back. This will enhance your experience for an ultimate relaxation.

Osaki Pro-Ekon is one of the newest addition to the Titan / Osaki product line and
comes with L-track technology. The modern design and style provides you the feel
and look of a spaceship like stylish peace of furniture that will enhance the appearance of any house or
office! Space saving technology will ensure that it fits any living or working space.

One of the defining features is its Real 3D adjustable roller mechanism that will provide more or less
intense experience, depending on what you are after. It also provides 6 auto programs (Sports Fresh,
Extension, Rest & Sleep, and Working Relief, Neck & Shoulder as well as Waist &

If music helps you relax, this chair comes with an Bluetooth speaker. You can also feel immense
warmth through the pair of heating pads in the lumbar region of the chair.

You can’t go wrong with any of the model from OSAKI but if you have any further questions you can
contact Michael at (214) 390-3450 and all your question will be answered by a
qualified professional.

Bright Light Therapy Box

If you need to brighten your day, you might need to literally brighten up your surroundings. Feeling
gloomy in seasons with less light (like fall and winter) isn’t just something you should ignore.

It can have a severe impact on your mental health. With light therapy boxes, you
can replenish the amount of light your body needs in order to thrive. Used in conjunction with other
mental health treatments, a bright light therapy box can be instrumental in improving one’s well-

Verilux’s HappyLight Liberty Light Therapy Lamp is one of the best light therapy devices
you can find. It can be used easily and placed just about anywhere within your home or office: on your
desk, floor, or even hung on the wall.

You can also choose the amount of light intensity that comes out. Light therapy lamps can also help
you get a better night’s sleep through relieving insomnia. Plus, they have a beautiful & pleasing

Aromatherapy Lamps

You might know about essential oils as a means of relieving tension. An aromatherapy lamp is a
great way to get the full benefits of these oils. Rather than burning these oils, aromatherapy
allow them to penetrate the room you’re in through a more smooth fashion.

If you purchase an electricity-powered aromatherapy lamp, it operates through the oil being
warmed up, filtered, and then released into the immediate area.

One of the best aromatherapy lamps is the AromaPod by AromaTech. This device is
made completely of recycled plastic, works with Bluetooth technology (via the Scent Marketing app) and
covers a range of more than 500 square feet. There’s no heat used with this lamp.

Instead, it operates via cold-air diffusion. You can also choose how intense the scent is through five
different levels. The quiet sound design means it can be used without disturbing others.

Weighing only two pounds, it can be transported easily, allowing you to use it at work or home. You
may also impress your friends through its attractive, beautiful design.

Steam Showers

A warm shower is a top-notch way to relieve stress. Not only is there the heat
of the water that can relax tense muscles, but there’s also the isolation that a shower provides. When
you’re working on cleansing yourself, it’s easier to feel like you’re separate from your day-to- day

With a luxury steam shower, you can bring forth all the elements of stress relief via showering in the
most soothing way possible.

The L-Steam Shower from Ariel Platinum is a high-quality steam shower. With dimensions of 47″ x
35.4″ x 89″, it gives you plenty of room to move around easily. ‘

The steam generator takes only two minutes to kick into gear. Once the steam is flowing, you can
either stand up or sit on the stool to feel your tension melt away. The showerhead is handheld and
there’s a rainfall ceiling shower, Plus, you can relax your body by using the six body massage jets

Using this steam shower is like receiving a full spa experience at home. In this beautifully-designed
shower, there’s also chemotherapy lighting, an aromatherapy system to use with your essential

Foot Massagers

If you spend your day on your feet, they’re going to be understandably sore. Tense feet don’t need
to be something you accept. A foot massage helps with circulation on your feet and generally relieving
tension that might be flowing from your feet to the rest of your body. Methods like
reflexology can greatly alleviate stress.

The OS- C30 by Osaki
uses all kinds of technology to give you an incredible foot massage experience. It’s 30 air bag massage
system and three intensity and speed settings allow it to fully penetrate your feet, knees, and

You can feel warmth through the carbon fiber heat that soothes your thighs and ankles. This foot
massager can be a great way to rid yourself of the tensions of the day and make your feet feel

Feeling tense can become such a default mode that sometimes it seems
impossible to break out of.

If you live in the state of constant stress, it does not have to be this way. If you want to be your
best self, improve productivity and accomplish more you need to be willing to de-stress.

Take advantage of the technology that is readily available and it might just be what you need to
become that.