Vending Massage Chairs: Start Earning Your Passive Income

Vending massage chairs are coin, bill, or card accepting chairs that provide timed massage. They’re designed for public use and can be made highly accessible in busy areas like malls, airports, sporting arenas, athletic clubs, and more. Traditional massage chairs don’t have a currency-accepting system that allows the customer to pay for a session. They’re a comfortable chair typically used in private homes. If used for part of a business, traditional massage chairs require an attendant to collect payment. Overall, they require a fair amount of involvement from the business owner. That’s where vending massage chairs break the mold – they allow you to earn a passive income.

Each vending massage chair comes with a convenient way for the customer to pay, and accepts coins, dollar bills, and even credit cards, depending on the model. Using the control panel, customers can choose a massage type like shiatsu or Swedish, and motions like kneading, tapping, clapping, and rolling. Vending massage chairs are expertly designed to engage much of the body. Chairs come with head, arm, back, and calf specialized target areas. Each is designed to promote consistent pressure, increase blood flow, and decrease fatigue. And the vending massage chair isn’t only built for the convenience of the customer. The machines come with a bill counter that can display the amount of cash contained in the unit without having to open it.

Vending Massage Chairs Can Help Bring in Revenue for Your Existing Business

Your business can benefit from a vending massage chair because it’s a supplementary source of income. Not only that, but it requires no cost to operate, little maintenance, no employees, and there’s no lead time before you can start making money. Start up costs for vending massage chairs is also a lot less than for traditional business ventures. You can purchase a quality massage chair for under 2,000 dollars. Some massage chair warranties will offer part replacements over the course of a period of time after the purchase. You won’t have to worry about constant upkeep of the unit, because they are built with minimal maintenance in mind.

The return on investment makes the vending massage chair a valuable addition to your business. As mentioned, you don’t need to hire any employees to manage the chair. There are little maintenance costs, and best yet, unlike other vending machines, you don’t have to refill the machine with products. Since your vending massage chair is a business, you’ll also be eligible for some tax deductions. For example, you could deduct costs for vehicle transportation that you use for business. Additionally, home expenses and retirement contributions may also apply depending on your situation. For more comprehensive advice on tax deductions, consult a tax advisor.

Starting Your Vending Massage Chair Business is Relatively Low-Cost

Before you invest in a vending massage chair, you’ll want to consider business cost, permits, and location. Your initial purchase price will be the cost of the chair itself, which can be under 2,000 dollars, but will depend on the model and features that you choose. Under certain warranties, you will be sent replacement parts when you need them. The permits that you need for operating vending massage chairs depends on the region that you live in. Look up the requirements for your county and city specifically, and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. You may need a seller’s permit, a business license, and a DBA (doing business as) if you’re a sole owner. You may also choose to establish an LLC, or Limited Liability Company.

The amount of massage chairs that you obtain depends on how much money you want to invest in your business up front. In the vending massage chair business, you’ll make more money with more chairs in more locations. However, you can also start with one chair in a busy area to make the money you need to purchase more and expand. Chairs can be placed in busy areas like malls and airports. But with these chairs, it also pays to be creative. Where do you think people will want a massage? Some businesses will let you put a chair at their location on a commission basis. They will collect some of your earnings in exchange for space. This is a great way to set up your massage chairs in an already busy area. To ensure your vending massage chairs procure you lasting business, focus on scaling up your operations with more chairs. Set up an individualized business plan, and you may even be able to use the plan to get start-up cost funding, if needed.

Buying the Right Vending Massage Chairs for Your Business

You can find some great deals on vending massage chairs online. Select sites offer deals on shipping and no tax on orders. When you order in bulk, you can also receive discounted pricing. It’s more cost effective to purchase more than one chair at a time. On top of saving money on the massage chairs themselves, you’ll also be able to cover more locations.

With Titan Chair, it’s really easy to get your vending massage chair business started. You’ll begin earning your passive income in very little time. They’re one of the leading distributors of high-quality comfortable chairs.When you order in bulk, you can also receive discounted pricing.  In addition to top line quality massage chairs, Titan Chair has exceptional customer service and pricing. The cost for vending massage chairs from is notably lower than the national retail price.

Vending massage chairs are a low startup cost way to begin to earn your passive income. You won’t get bogged down by the typical costs for starting a traditional business – like employees and inventory. Your vending massage chair business won’t require a lot of your time and energy, so you’ll be able to focus more of your time on other business ventures, or simply on just living. Start with one massage chair, or build a fleet – the power of earning is in your hands. With a vending massage chair, you’re your own boss.