What is a Shiatsu Massage Chair, And Why Should I Get One?

shiatsu massage chair

Imagine coming home at the end of a long, stressful day to a warm and relaxing massage that melts away your stress and tension and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Unless you are living with a massage therapist, chances are that this is just a dream. But wouldn’t it be amazing to have a massage as and when you need it? With a massage chair, you can. Coming in a convenient and affordable package, massage chairs have a range of different massage techniques depending on what kind of massage you would like. Shiatsu massage chairs are an excellent option for a whole body massage, featuring a range of motions for the best massage experience.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage technique, and the word shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Similar to a Western massage, the technique combines touch, tapping, rolling, kneading, stretching, mobilization, and acupressure to promote relaxation but also to encourage healing. While often referred to as massage, the Japanese use shiatsu as a form of energy work to release energy (or Qi) blockages and balance energy flow within the body. They believe that blockages in the Qi energy are what cause pain, and releasing them helps the body to heal itself. As a form of massage, it can help with releasing muscle tension, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. But as shiatsu works with the whole body, it can also help relieve headaches, relieve painful symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, improve circulation, aid with digestive and skin disorders, menstrual difficulties, depression, and even emotional issues.

Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The best shiatsu massage chairs available are those that incorporate an array of features to ensure that you get the best experience from your massaging chair. While most massage chairs have different programs and massaging styles, not all of them on the market include a shiatsu massage option. For the ones that do, here are three top quality affordable picks are below.

Osaki TW-Chiro

osaki-tw-chiro massage chair with shiatsu massage

The Osaki TW-Chiro is designed to accommodate a range of heights and body types, featuring a wider seat base and taller backrest for a comfortable fit. Other massage chairs have fixed motors that just knead your skin, whereas the Osaki TW-Chiro incorporates an advanced 3D body scan and massage. The computer sensors will scan your back and the massagers will project out from the chair by up to 2 inches, simulating the hands of a shiatsu massage therapist to provide relief where your body needs it. Airbags are included to help extend areas such as shoulders and legs for additional stretching, or envelop areas for complete relief. With 16 preset programs and a reclining option, the TW-Chiro is an excellent shiatsu massage chair.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Chair

osaki-os-4000 massage chair with shiatsu massage

Featuring a zero gravity reclined position, the OS-4000 massage chair aligns your back and thighs for comfortable positioning, maximizes the intensity of the massage, relieves pressure on the spine, and improves circulation. Ergonomically designed to contour to your spine, the sensors will scan your body and adjust the massagers’ position, customizing your massaging chair to reach all your key areas. With airbags incorporated into the design, the OS-4000 reaches all areas to ensure a whole-body massage experience. The heated pads, remote control with large viewing screen, 8 preset programs, and vibration options make the OS-4000 a premium massage chair that is bound to please.

Titan Pro Summit

titan-pro-summit massage chair with shiatsu massage

The Titan Pro Summit incorporates and S and L track massage, so the massagers can range from the neck all way to the hamstrings. Like the Osaki massagers, the Pro Summit shiatsu massage chair features body scanning technology, to self-adjust to your body shape, and zero gravity reclining positions. The lumbar and shoulder regions feature heated pads for extra relaxation, and airbags are included for compression massages and stretching across the arms, legs, waist, and shoulders. The space-saving design means that this chair takes up less than 5 inches of additional space when reclined, making it the ideal shiatsu massage chair for smaller areas. The Pro Summit includes roller foot massagers to stimulate acupressure points in the feet, seat vibration, manual massage selection as well as preset programs, and even boasts a USB charger for your devices while enjoying your massage chair, making it a fully-featured massage chair for maximum enjoyment.

Where Can I Buy a Massage Chair?

Buying a massage chair for home use is an important investment, so it’s crucial to select a retailer that you can rely on. Titan Chair provides high-quality massage chairs direct to customers at prices to suit every budget, often well below national retail prices. As well as products you can trust, Titan Chair offers superior customer service when buying or maintaining your shiatsu massage chair.

Shiatsu massages offer far more benefits than just pain relief, encouraging improved mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. By getting a shiatsu massage chair for home use, you can benefit from the unique holistic experience of shiatsu at a time and place that suits you.